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No One Knows The Day, Nor The Hour of Christ's Return

According to Harold Camping, Christ is going to return on May 21, which is just a few days away. Those of us who know the Word of God know that this man is a false prophet for we are told in scripture that it is not for us to know when He will return (Matthew 24:36; Mark 13:32; Acts 1:7). Like all false teachers and false prophets before him, Mr. Camping attempts to get around these verses by taking other scriptures out of context, and using them to improperly teach that God has given only a select few the knowledge of when Christ will return such as Daniel 10:21; Daniel 11:33a; Nehemiah 8:8; Luke 24:45; Isaiah 30:20 and Amos 3:7. When these verses are examined in context, it is seen that not one of them refer to having knowledge of when Christ will return, hence Mr. Camping, like all false teachers misuses the Word of God rather than rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). Mr Camping is a deluded old man leading his followers astray, and I dare say, is being used by satan to bring mockery and ridicule to Christians just as happened when Christ did not return as predicted by a NASA engineer in 1988 or in 1844 as predicted by William Miller who also thought he had it figured out.

Anyone who tells you they know the date of Christ's return is a LIAR AND A DECEIVER! Do not be misled by them. Instead, believe the Word of God which so clearly tells us that it is not for us to know the date of Christ's return. Rather, we ought to be living each day of our lives as though that day could be the day. In other words, we need to be ready for He could come at any time unexpectedly like a thief in the night.


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